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MSME Project:

Received Rs. 35.70, as 1st installment i.e 70% of total project cost, for 4 ideas selected under the Scheme   "Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of MSMEs through Incubators” for GoI assistance from MSME.


Following are the ideas:

  1. Incubatee Name: Prof. Tarachand Amgoth,

Title of Idea: AI enabled solar based street lightening system

Description of Idea:

The fundamental goal of developing the AI-enabled solar-based street lighting system are as follows:

         Maximize the efficient power utilization of battery. This will be achieved by integration of solar power module and on-demand operation scheduling of LED.

         Integration of environmental sensor for air quality, visibility, temperature and humidity measurement in the region.

         Since the maintenance at remote area deployment increases overall cost, a digital-twin based monitoring platform will be developed.

         The digital-twin platform will also enable the predictive maintenance of street light. This can help us to minimize the probability of rechargeable batteries malfunctioning.







  1. Incubatee Name: Prof. Tarachand Amgoth,

Title of Idea: Solar based autonomous drone for agriculture and industrial applications.

Description of Idea:

  1. Design of low cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for application in agriculture, surveillance and in disaster prone area.
  2. Increased payload delivery to long range.
  3. Long operation time without any tradeoff with cost and payload.

To achieve low cost development of UAV the state-of-the art electrical components (brushless motor, ESC, UAV controller, ect.) from all over the world will be testes for suitability in the desired goal. After that the component can be mass produces indigenously.

To increase payload and operation time helium gas based blimp will be used along with the UAV motors.


  1. Incubatee Name: Mr. Rajen Dasgupta

Title: Prosthetic Robotic Arm

Description of Idea:

When a part of the body is lost due to injury or disease, earlier it was practice to reconstruct the missing parts just to maintain balance. Now with the help of technology like 3D Printing make is possible to reconstruct the missing body part as per the requirement of the body. We came up with an idea to give motion and sense to the artificial parts, with the help of AI based sensors and motor. The person can use this Prosthetic Arm as like real arm he/she can use it for day to day life task like cycling, holding glasses, putting shoe lase etc.

Pictures of PoC:













  1. Incubatee Name : Mr. Nitya Nand,

Title: Digital Punch Card


Powerloom and Handloom machines are used by the weavers to manufacture multiple apparels.

To get a required design on saree it requires a 6000 to 25000 punch card made of paper/ cardboard. 


Our Product is an attachment to the looms to create multiple designs on the sarees by simply uploading the required design to our product.

IMPACT (after ideas developed (on Environment, standard of living, costing etc )

         It removes the need of physical punch card made of paper/ cardboard.

         Low Power Consumption.

         Reduce the cost of weaving multiple designs on the sarees.

         Easy to keep up with rapidly changing market trends.

         Price of our product is half the price of our competitor's products which uses different technologies.





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